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"Oh come now, here I thought we were having a lovely time discussing the merits of rooting about the discarded pieces of others’ lives.  Not that I can’t guess.  Drop off points, pick up points, recycling.  A good and proper hacker can get a jammed pokeball fixed in quite the jiffy.  Why let it go to waste?  Granted some people just dig through trash to obsessively get to know everything about someone…”  John canted his head to the side, considering Giovanni a moment.  This was not a conversation he ever expected to have with the man who’d practically ruled over Kanto in his youth.  

"But if you’re done with the subject…how about we talk of something else?"

"Don’t misunderstand. I find your interest in this topic to be almost endearing, however, I do not believe that what I do is any of your concern, nor what I order others to do for me. So, what would you prefer that we discuss instead? Perhaps why you are so keen on searching through other’s garbage?"



"I see!  Shall I wager these forays are for blackmail purposes?  Or is it merely fact finding?"  What a picture that made.  Certainly not the answer John was expecting.

"Yes on both cases, among other reasons, which I will not disclose to you." He said it very matter of fact tone, looking back at the young man before him with a blank, unironic expression.



"Merely sharing a fact good sir.  Hm, but, here you are agreeing with me.  Shall I assume you dig through garbage by the merit of simply knowing this?”

"I will admit that I’ve had my share of time rummaging through the garbage, looking for anything at all, that I could use… But that was a long time ago. These days, however, if there is something that I wish to learn through another’s garbage, I will have someone else do such a task for me."


Upon hearing his tone and observing the way he carried himself, Grimsley instantly got a bad vibe from the man. He had a certain coldness about him, the type that meant business and indicated that he had no time to be wasted. 

But hearing someone with that air about him inquire about Grimsley’s gambling talents brought a sense of confidence to back up the tense atmosphere and set him slightly more at ease.

"Oh." He stated, processing the statement he hadn’t expected to hear, a grin spreading across his face. "Then you’ve heard right, Mr…?" He left the sentence open ended, expecting some sort of introduction from the suspicious character.

He held a hand before him, anticipating for the gambler to shake it. “Giovanni,” he simply stated, slightly lowering his head to the man, a gesture that almost resembled a bow, but wasn’t low enough to be fully considered one. Old habits died hard, he guessed.

After a moment’s consideration, he began to wonder if the man knew who he truly was. His name wasn’t exactly a secret anymore, but could the news reach all the way out to Unova? Did Unovians even care? He supposed that even so, he should try not to draw too much attention to his name.

Before the other man could try to calculate exactly where he may have heard the name from before, if he knew the name at all, Giovanni spoke again. “I used to run a small casino back in Kanto. However, despite the fact that I have long since lost ownership of it, I still find myself attracted to such places. I always find fellow gamblers to be interesting people, and you are said to be the best among them, Mr. Grimsley.”

He offered the man a friendly enough smile but the glint in his eyes was almost smug in demeanor, almost as if he was offering him a challenge. “I thought it would be worth seeing if you are everything they build you up to be.”

"Need I ask what you would use the chaos of a riot for?"
“Depends on the situation, honestly. It could be used as a distraction, or as a medium for manipulating masses of people to do as I please, depending on how things go. Though they have… Other uses. Recruitment is always a good function of a riot.”
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

"Riot? Over what? Senseless rioting and violence isn’t very productive in the long run, however, the confusion of a riot can be useful under certain circumstances…"

Persian 5 7 14 18 (14 18 if you don't want 4)

5:If you could, would you change your type?

'I don't have anything against my typing, so it is fine as is. However, as the master prefers ground-types, I would not mind being of that type instead. I would do anything to be more useful to the master.'

7:What would you do if your trainer died?

'… I don't know…' the Persian fidgeted slightly. 'I'm certain the master has a plan, and knows what would happen, but I don't… But he can't simply die like that! Right…? I don't know what would happen… I don't know what would happen… Maybe… Maybe I'll be inherited by his son, or one of his followers! Yeah! That has to be right. He wouldn't… He wouldn't just have me be let go… right? I don't want to be abandoned… Again… He… He can't have me be just released to the wild… No. That's impossible.'

14:What are you most afraid of?

'The master dying… Not being able to be by his side… Though being experimented on or skinned is a close second.'

18:Given the chance, would you become human?

'If the master would like for me to be, I would gladly be one. As long as I am useful to my master, and he still cares for me, I don't care what I am or look like. If he can find use in me being human, I would gladly be one.'

Rhydon: 6,10,13 UwU
6:  What are your thoughts on battling? Do you like it?
'I battle for my master. I don't really think of it that much. I just do as I am told. However, yes, I do enjoy it.'
10:  Is there anyone you don’t get along with in your team?
13:  Have you ever attacked one of your teammates? On purpose?
Yes, and yes.
Memories of Sorrow

Upon touching my Muse, yours is suddenly thrown into one of Mine’s Tragic and Painful Memories, Send “Memories of Sorrow” to see a painful and tragic memory of My Muse.

It was over. That was all he could specifically remember. And these days, it was all he really knew.

It was over. It had been over for a very long time. It was a thought that constantly nagged at the back of his mind, but he tried his hardest to not acknowledge it. It couldn’t have been over that quickly… Could it? Everything that he had worked for his entire life… Could it all be gone so easily?

He lost. He knew that he had lost. That memory in of itself was painful enough to remember. He had lost… To a ten year old child. It was not something he was proud to admit. But the fact that he did… It meant that he needed to change.

He needed to leave. To rid himself of everything that has gone wrong in his life ever since… But it was much harder to do than he had anticipated.

He created Team Rocket with his own two hands. Built it up to something that was respectable, and feared. And with these hands that had created it, he destroyed his Team.

It was amazing how cutting a few relationships, and reorganizing some financial assets could destroy a group like his. But he needed to be resolute in his decision. He needed to leave nothing behind.

And he was finally ready. As he pulled on his jacket, he looked at his home for one last time. He needed to go before… No.

It was Silver. He was seen leaving by Silver. He asked where he was going, but Giovanni did not answer. Instead, he turned his back to his only son and left out of the door.

This was the last time he would see Viridian City. He swore it to himself. But now that he was so close to leaving… Only now did he actually for once in his entire life want to stay.

This place… It meant a lot to him. He always saw this city and its surrounding forests as a curse. Something that he could not escape. Something that he would always be forced to return to. Whether through family, crime, competition, or obligation, he was always forced back to this starting point. And for years he had hated this fact. But now that he felt that he had to leave it for good… Only to return when he was strong enough in body and mind to… It hurt.

There was a confused voice as Silver had followed him to the door asking what was going on. Giovanni could not take it anymore. He put one foot forward. And then another. And another, until he found himself walking at a brisk pace away from the place that he had called home.

He had to leave… Or else he would risk showing weakness… Some form of regret. And for now… That was something he could not afford to show.

1, 2, 3

[You know… Specification would be nice. But for now… I’ll just go in order of Pokemon listed…? So, Persian?]

1:What do you think of your trainer?

'The master, hm? I have no issues with how he does things. We've known each other for a very long time. He is a very strong trainer, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is my master and my master alone. He takes care of me, and I obey him in turn. There's not much to say beyond that.'

2:Who is the strongest?

'Rhyperior. He currently is not carrying one on him, and hasn't in a while. But there's a reason for that. The master is smart, and is one of the few to discover how Rhydon evolves. He loves that evolutionary line, and so trains the Pokemon in that family to be the strongest over everything else. Even myself.'

3:What is your favourite move in your moveset?

'Thunderbolt. It isn't very strong, but I love seeing others confused by me having it. Though Power Gem is a close second.'

What if Silver was never kidnapped, and you grew up with him... What do you think he'd be like now?

"I… I don’t know. I am not a very good father. I admit it… In fact, you could say that is the very reason that he was kidnapped in the first lace. Him not being with me meant that he could grow stronger… Kinder… Because I could not interfere with how he has lived his life. It is hard to say what he would be like… Though I can’t imagine that he would love me the same way he does now."

1:  What do you think of your trainer?
2:  Who is the strongest?
3:  What is your favourite move in your moveset?
4:  What was your life like before you were caught/gifted/etc?
5:  If you could, would you change your type?
6:  What are your thoughts on battling? Do you like it?
7:  What would you do if your trainer died?
8:  Who is your favourite teammate/s to double/triple battle with?
9:  Who do you get along with most in your team?
10:  Is there anyone you don't get along with in your team?
11:  What was it like for you when you beat the Champion? (if applicable)
12:  What do you like most about your trainer?
13:  Have you ever attacked one of your teammates? On purpose?
14:  What are you most afraid of?
15:  So far in your journey, where has been your favourite place?
16:  ______, what do you think of your team?
17:  Do you have a favourite berry?
18:  Given the chance, would you become human?
Memories of sorrow

Upon touching my Muse, yours is suddenly thrown into one of Mine’s Tragic and Painful Memories, Send “Memories of Sorrow” to see a painful and tragic memory of My Muse..

The touch of a hand on his back didn’t register. While he normally would have been very sensitive to anyone attempting to make physical contact with him, he didn’t even react to the touch of his subordinate. The memory occupying his mind was far more heavy than that.

He was looking down. His posture was straight and professional. It needed to be. He was in the presence of his subordinate. Or, at least someone whom he knew he would one day have to refer to as a subordinate. But it was hard. It was hard to keep a blank, expressionless facade as he
watched her.

She was crying. A little girl, quite a bit younger than him was crying. He knew why, but still, he couldn’t say a word.

It wasn’t like this was a rare occurrence. The boss… His mother would send people away all the time, never to be seen again. But he didn’t expect this. She was her right-hand woman. That woman was the closest that he had ever seen someone to getting to his mother. Even he… Her only son couldn’t get that close to her…

But just like that, she was gone. She had been gone a long time, and Giovanni knew from the reports that it was unlikely that she was alive anymore.

How selfish. What exactly was his mother willing to sacrifice just for a few extra dollars? She wanted Mew. And for what? To sell the rarest of Pokemon on the black market? What a waste. And what about the woman that had been lost trying to find it? What about Miyamoto? It wasn’t like she was that expendable. She had a family. Didn’t his mother know that? No, she did. They used to talk about it in their meetings. But still. His mother sent her away, never to return.

And here he was. Looking over the girl who had lost the most from this selfish act committed by this mother. The woman’s daughter. A little girl he knew all too well. It hurt him to see her like this. He couldn’t help but feel responsible.

She didn’t know what happened. She was too young to, and the reports would never reach her. But he did.

He couldn’t stand there for any longer. He keeled, coming down to her level. He forced a smile on his face. It was a false one, but it was all he could offer.

"Don’t worry. I’m certain that she’s fine. You know how your mother is. No one can beat her down. She’ll be home before you know it." It was a lie. She was never coming home, but he was willing to do anything, anything to keep Jessie from crying any more.



—— “The bonds are based on the individual, true, but that c-certainly doesn’t forgive all of the terrible things that Team Rocket allows to happen! I can tell you, honestly, that the memories of a Pokemon raised by a trainer in comparison to one raised by a Grunt are totally different…. Sure, there are exceptions, but a negative environment isn’t all that likely to foster a positive relationship— especially when so many Grunts are so abusive towards their partners. You can’t really try to justify that, right? Especially when you aren’t teaching Grunts the proper ways to care for their Pokemon, or selling off Pokemon to people you hardly even know!”

"No, it does not. Do not misunderstand. I am not trying to justify my actions. I am merely trying to have you understand where we stand as a Team in relation to you ordinary trainers. True, we are not a unit of trainers, but it is ignorant to say that there are no trainers among our rank at all. Quite on the contrary, many of our members could make for admirable trainers, if they took the time and had a drive to. You are correct, many grunts fail to treat their Pokemon in such a way to foster a productive relationship. But you forget. To Team Rocket, Pokemon mean business. It would be too costly to teach each and every grunt how to properly train their Pokemon. It would take too much time and effort. It is simply much more profitable to have them figure out these things for themselves. And if that means that they abuse their Pokemon… Well… It is hardly my problem.”

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