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"Th-thank you, sir." He didn’t know what else to say, as if Arceus itself had sent this meal to him. Giovanni was smiling, he’d never seen the boss smile before let alone be in his presence for more than a few minutes. When he handed the basket to the grunt, Julius jumped, taking it with a tremble attempting not to shove a piece into his mouth. 

"Yes sir, it does." Much warmer, he gave a swoon at the fresh bread, slowly taking a bite of one in an attempt not to rush, no matter how cruelly his stomach growled.
Did Giovanni ever go through the trash? Had he ever been so low? The man who ate ambition for breakfast, his most esteemed leader of Team Rocket? New admiration rose in Julius, heart leaping as the server came towards them. 


As he spent more time with the grunt, he found it increasingly harder to take the boy seriously. With each passing sentence, the grunt looked more and more likely to pass out from all the excitement. It was becoming difficult to keep a dignified expression on his face as the grunt swooned at the taste of fresh bread.

"It’s nothing," he stated rather mater-of-factually. "We have particular… Business relations, as one may call it, with this restaurant. Members of our Team are welcomed here at any time, provided that they can afford it. However, it is a shame that most of your rank can’t… Perhaps if you were to one day raise in rank, you could come here every day, if you so wished."

Shooting the grunt a confident glance, he looked to the waiter coming their direction. “Now, don’t fill yourself on bread. There’s more to come.”

An Altaria with a small satchel around its neck lands in front of you. It gives soft coos as it nuzzles against your face. It isn't long before small Swablu trail along join it and surrounding you in a fluffy cuddle pile. After an intense fluffy cuddle session the Swablu lets you take the satchel which has a box of cookies and a note that says how awesome and amazing you are and that you're a super cutie that's loved by all.

As the Altaria flies to him, he watches and the younger creature as they envelop him in their fluff, a confused expression on his face. While he hesitantly accepts the satchel, he can’t help but to look at them confused. “I believe that you are mistaken. These cannot be for me. I am not worthy of any awe, and I am not loved by anyone. You must have mistaken be for someone else.”

okay this is for the mun and I'msorry if this is a REALLY stupid question but I'm confused about how to properly read your url. Is it leader among stones, or leader amongst ones??

[ XD  I suppose it could go either ways, but canonically here on this blog, it is leader among stones. But no, I understand that it can be confusing, so it’s fine! I just have the more clever thoughts with leader among stones rather than leader among ones.]

Hey little vulpix, how do you like living with your trainer so far?

Ask my muse’s Pokémon questions about their Trainer or human concepts and they’ll give their views on the matter!

"You talking about papa? Papa seems very sad sometimes. I don’t understand why. The others call him ‘master,’ and says that I should too, but I don’t want to! He’s my papa! They say that papa is a very important, strong trainer…. But what’s a trainer? I don’t really get it. They say that he’s a leader of some team called ‘Rocket.’ But I haven’t seen him around any rockets! They don’t know what they are talking about. They say I should fear papa, but he’s always so nice! Why should I be scared of papa? I love my papa! He’s a good person! I know he is! The others say that he isn’t that he’s a bad man who does bad things to Pokemon, but they don’t know anything about papa! But… They also say that I make papa remember something painful… That I make him remember his ‘other.’ I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean, but they say that is the only reason that papa likes me! But that’s okay. They’re wrong. Papa loves me. I know he does. I love being with him! He let’s me play with him a lot, and we have a lot of fun! He seems to really like brushing my fur, but sometimes he just looks very sad… I wonder why… Oh well, papa is just papa and that’s what he does! But while I like being with papa, I don’t like his other Pokemon. They say that I’m not one of them, that I don’t match. But it’s okay. I love papa, so I don’t mind being with them."

((Hey Kangaskhan, how much would you say you worry about your trainer's health?))

Ask my muse’s Pokémon questions about their Trainer or human concepts and they’ll give their views on the matter!

"The master’s health? Well… He is very stressed… He doesn’t get the sleep that he should, and is almost always doing something dangerous… I worry about him. I believe that he should talk to his son… He really should. Family is important. The master says that it isn’t important, not to him, but I know better. It hurts him when his son is away. He feels guilty for things happening to his family that he couldn’t change. He is too hard in himself. I really do worry for him… I know that he is my master… But I almost feel like he could be a child of mine."

Persian: What are your thoughts on the human justice system?

Ask my muse’s Pokémon questions about their Trainer or human concepts and they’ll give their views on the matter!

"Human justice system, nya? Can’t say that I understand it that much. Human affairs aren’t anything I care about. The master complains about it all the time though. Didn’t used to. Used to say it was none of his business. Used to say that he couldn’t change it, so wasn’t worth worrying about. That’s not the case anymore now, isn’t it? Besides, the master would run it better than it currently does. I am certain."

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I stared at the man for a while, eyes widening and body tensing as the seconds rolled. The area around him had already been colder than usual, sign that Colm was already not alright. But it seemed that the heat plummeted further, making his breath barely visible in the air.

He felt cold.

Numbingly cold.

"You…" part of him wanted to say that this was a joke or a lie. This man wanted to battle…to simply battle? Just a simple sport?

The thoughts that spun in his head were an accumulation of losses and doubts taking the form of an abstract disease, making him feel nauseous and dizzy. Why did he feel so cold? Was he paler than usual now?

But no, calm Colm. He took a deep breath, inhale and exhale. As the breath left him, so did the temperature rise somewhat. But his expression looked something of an emotionless mask: hollow and bleak, now smile or frown gracing his lips; nothing but the piled up stress showed itself now.

"I don’t think I have…an as impressive collection…"

He lifted his jacket in the same respect, revealing two Poke Balls, a Luxury Ball, a Friend Ball, a Heal Ball and a Premier Ball.

"Not…not all of them…are……………………….."

        'Not all of them are for battle, and you want to send them out!?' Colm’s thoughts berated him, 'And Talmrath!? She's not even STABLE with how you've been acting. Selfish. Selfish and childish. 

        Maybe it’s your own puddle of red that should be—

"Uh………………………………….." he froze again, beginning to find it hard to breath. No, the city wasn’t a good place. Too tight. It made him feel claustrophobic.

"…could we…go out of…town? If you…"

Why WAS he accepting this offer!? This was GIOVANNI! Leader of Team ROCKET! 

And yet…he felt the sincerity in the other’s words…


As he stood before the man, waiting for his answer, he could feel the air around them begin to freeze. That was a rather odd weather pattern… Unless… The boy… Could he have…? He supposed it wasn’t impossible. It didn’t matter much anyway.

Trying to hold back any sudden urge to shiver or warm himself in the cold, he started to wonder if it was a mistake to not bring his overcoat. If the boy could make his ghosts drop the temperature like this without the battle even starting, how low could he make it go? He didn’t exactly want to find out.

But finally the boy began to speak. He listened carefully to the boy’s words, trying to make sense and to extract the meaning of each broken sentence.

There was something was wrong with him… But he couldn’t place his finger on it. He seemed, as odd as it seemed… Quieter than usual. And that look on his face. It looked so tired. So worn… He understood… He knew all too well that expression of weight and pain… Of exhaustion.

He watched the boy with intense interest as the talked, as he spoke, but at his last question, he could not help but to raise his brows in mild surprise.

Tilting his head slightly to the man, he smiled. “Of course, if that is what you wish.” With that he turned and started heading in the direction he presumed was the quickest way to leave the city… Of course, he supposed that Colm would naturally know the area better as it was his city after all.

"But don’t worry about the Pokemon you have. I caught my Pokemon a long… long time ago. I’ve since transferred them between multiple Pokeballs, and if you are worried about your Pokemon not being fit for battle… As per League Standards, I can refrain from using all of my Pokemon during our battle, if you wish."

But even as he said that, he was trying to think of what he could let himself not battle with on this occasion. He already had to leave his signature Pokemon… His Rhydon in the PC, but what else could he cut out? He supposed that it wouldn’t hurt to leave his Nidoking out of the fray, if it came to that. After all, Nidoking, just like Rhydon, was presently, by far, the most aggressive Pokemon on his team… And for now… Agression was not what he needed. He didn’t want to see that for now. But at least Nidoking, being the smaller, weaker Pokemon compared to Rhydon, it was far easier for Giovanni to handle.

But for now, at least, he was thinking of leading with Persian. Yes, that species was not exactly the easiest to tame, and was particularly known for being aggressive, but he had long since won over the cat. He didn’t need to worry about her… After all… After all these years, she was his best, and only remaining friend.

So I don’t think you people realize what Gio’s been in the past few days… So below the cut… IS THE SKYPE CONVERSATION HIGHLIGHT REEL! Gio’s side at least. Because Colm was going through some pretty heavy shit too.

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"Colm..." As he spoke, he slightly bowed his head towards the man."Would you do me the pleasure of having a battle against you?"He gave the man a small smile. "I would like to battle."


It was the dead of night and Colm was skulking the streets as he usually did, and running into Giovanni was one surprise alone.

But a battle!?

He’d been on edge for a while now, more than he’d like to admit, but this?

"…wh-what’s the…"


A slight twitch of the hand, and he may have looked tenser than he he’d like, but he remained silent after that.

"The catch? None. I simply want to battle you…"

        ‘For fun.’

The idea seemed very alien to him now. How long had it been since he battled merely for sport? These last 10 years… It was to train. Before that, it was because he had something to prove… Before that, a job… and Before that… To survive.

It had been years… No… Decades since he last battled, ‘for fun.’

"Any format you would like." He brought a hand to his side, lifting his blazer to reveal three of the six Pokeballs he possessed on his belt, five Ultra Balls, and one ordinary Poke Ball. "Standard League rules. does that sound fair to you?"

Here is a pokemon egg for you, please take good care of it.

{click here to see the pokemon inside}


A small flicker of light began to bring itself to life within his eyes as the egg was presented to him. An egg… A Pokemon egg. As he took the egg in his arms, he felt the all too familiar squirm of life within. It felt warm, but not with the warmth of blood and the slaughter… No… It was something much warmer and intimate.

A faint smile crossed his face. As he felt the egg begin to hatch in his own hands. He knew this feeling. This feeling of creating life… Could it be… No, impossible.

But as the Pokemon’s head poked out from the egg shell, Giovanni’s jaw dropped. Perhaps he was just proven wrong.


Of anything he could have received… A tear escaped his eye, only to be followed by another, and another until he was fully crying. “Mia cara…” He gently squeezed the newly born life in his arms, a newly found smile on his face.

"Mia cara… Is that you…? Are you there? … It’s you… Isn’t it…? You must be angry with me… I don’t blame you… I mean… That’s why you’re gone… Isn’t it…? You’re the one… Aren’t you…? The one making me remember this… Making me confront this…? You must be furious with me… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry for making you go. I only wanted to live by your side… I’m sorry." But even as he spoke, there was no one to receive it but the empty air.