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When was the last time you had sexy dreams about someone?

"Hm… Hard to say… Lately, I try not to have any dreams at all, if it can be helped. And even if I did know, I don’t see why it is any of your business, Anonymous.”

Is there anyone you're interested in?

"It would probably be best if you specified in which sense, but considering the nature of your question, I am going to assume that it is in a romantic or sexual sense. And in that sense, no, I am not currently interested in anyone."

[You know… Pretty recently, I read a story about the tree behind Giovanni’s Japanese namesake… If I ever find an Amatarasu blog following me, I think I will have to follow them sheerly because of that history behind his name.]

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  • You know those dangley things at the back of your throat? Your uvula? I have two of those.
  • This summer I have been going to bed on average at 4:00 am.
  • I have been unable to stay awake in class since I was in the 7th grade.
  • I got my first C when I was in the fourth grade in history class. Now I probably know more history and geography than any of those idiots.
  • I prefer to play video games and to read while laying down, in contrary to sitting. If I’m forced to sit, my legs will start itching… Or I’ll fall asleep.
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[So, I just made a headcanon that hurt me inside. As you may know, I made Giovanni such that he didn’t have a very pleasant childhood. His mother was exceptionally greedy, and let those who she found useful to her causes live in poverty… Too bad Giovanni was not considered useful, so he got even worse treatment.

A few weeks ago, I headcanoned that as a teenager, Giovanni would sometimes go into the city and look at suits in shop windows, thinking, ‘one day I’ll have one of those.’ But he was barely able to make enough money to survive, much less buy a suit.

When he was hired by the then Gym Leader of Viridian City, he told Giovanni that he needed to change his appearance, that he couldn’t have some kid that looked like a thug, like Giovanni did at the time, working at his Gym. So the Gym Leader gave him some money, told him to cut his freakishly long hair off, and to buy himself a suit. You know, to make himself more presentable. That was probably the happiest Giovanni had been in years. And from that moment on, he never wore anything but suits.

But before then (especially if you consider How I Became a Pokemon Card), even as a child, he still preferred to wear more concealing, loose fitting clothing. (I mean… Even now those shirts he wears are not what people most typically wear with a suit. Much more casual.) And so my brain did a terrible thing… As a child, living in a household that cared little for him, where he typically had to find/steal his own food, he grew used to wearing longer, concealing, and lose-fitting clothing in order to hide the fact that he was poorly fed. To hide the fact that he had almost no body fat as a child, and that his body was mostly skin and bones. To hide how his ribs so obviously poked out out of his chest, and that his limbs were a little too thin for someone his age.

Even now, he’s quite a bit thinner and less muscular than he appears to be. (If you read PokeSpe, you have a pretty good idea of how thin he is… Though to be fair, he was literally dying in that chapter where you can see his arms, so that may have been a factor as to why he was so bony.) His clothes make him look like he has a lot more bulk than he actually does. He’s honestly never had a particularly sturdy or thick build, but that’s why he focuses more on speed in hand to hand combat in contrary brute strength. Still, Gio would feel incredibly uncomfortable to be wearing anything less than a suit, especially in public.]



"Implying you were ever normal?”

He shrugged. “Point taken. However, there has to have been a time in my life when I could have been considered ‘normal.’ I’m just glad not to be one of my subordinates… Or something else.”

"What happens if I get knocked up or something? Do I get a new uniform?"

He stared at her, stunned for a very long time, his eyes wide in horror. “… Don’t tell me you… How could you…” He took a deep breath, pressing a hand against his temple. “Please don’t tell me that you got yourself pregnant. While, no a new uniform would not be provided to you, we can direct you to get maternity clothes for yourself. You can also have a custom uniform made to accommodate for your… Condition.”

[stuffs a stocking with coal] Here you go, it's Christmas in July!

"Looks like Christmas came early. Good to know I’ll have plenty of fuel for the next few weeks."

"Ho Ho Ho, I guess you will be getting coal"

"Alright. I’ll have plenty of fuel for fire to keep myself warm in the winter while camping. I fail to see how this is a bad thing. Obviously it’s no exceptionally rare or elusive Pokemon, but it’ll still do."

"Ho Ho Ho! What do you want for Christmas young man?"

"Is this some kind of joke? Firstly, I’m not a young man, and secondly I’m not exactly the kind of person you should be giving Christmas presents to."

"Finally. I hope I won’t have to go through that again, any time soon."

-slides in Sidney-

If I played as a different muse from my fandom, which character would you think I should roleplay as?

[… I like Sidney… I always thought he was a bit hot… Even as a small child. Bald and easy to beat, but hot. He really seems like some kind of cool rocker. Since he’s a member of the Elite Four, there is not much known about him or his character, but it could be fun making stuff up about him. We never see anything about him… But he would be fun to play at least.

Don’t like his redesign though… Not liking it at all. In RSE he always reminded me of a rocker. Of a musician. Now he looks like some cheap Yakuza/Mafia thug. I don’t like it.]

[ ._. ]

I could see you maybe playing as Lance!

If I played as a different muse from my fandom, which character would you think I should roleplay as?

[Uh… Hm… Truth be told, I never gave a single shit about Lance. To me he always seems kinda… Meh… Like when he’s there, he does cool, badass things, but otherwise he doesn’t have much of a personality. Never cared about him that much… And I don’t particularly think that I would ever want to try and dig up some semblance of a personality for him…]